Thursday, February 7, 2008

Normal? You decide

I like socks. But not just any socks. The stranger, the better. I seek them out. And yes, it does make dressing a challenge. What really goes with Elmo socks? Or neon striped socks? Or polka dots? And it's even more of a challenge when you realize that many of my pants and skirts are also strange colors, if not strange patterns. (Yes, I have more than one pair of purple pants. I can't help it.) And please keep in mind when looking at my collection that I took these pictures in November, so there are several more pairs of socks now. And when I say several, that probably means at least 6. No more than 8. Or maybe 12. Here are the "light" ones.

And then there are the "dark" ones. The polka dots are some of my favorites, even though I'm not a huge fan of knee socks.

And here is the Christmas collection, plus the super fuzzy, roam around the house socks. Plus one pair I nearly missed when taking the pictures.

And then my favorites. The Halloween collection. (Technically the purple argyle-ish knee socks in the "dark" collection came in a Halloween set, but those get every day wear.)

It keeps my coworkers and my acupuncturist amused. Well, and me. What more can I say?

So if you're ever out and see that great pair of socks, you know where to send them!