Sunday, September 4, 2011

Someone owes me a pair of socks now.

And she knows who she is:)

But anyway. (Please excuse the blurriness of tho photos--I was taking them in bad light and I have no idea what settings the camera might be on right now.)

I declared today, September 4th, the first official day of Halloween sock season. Yes, it may seem early to some. For me, not so much. I didn't actually make it through my entire collection last year, and I don't want to see that happen again. By starting today, I should have a little wiggle room, as long as I don't buy too many new pairs and as long as I don't consider all of the solid-colored (yet predominantly orange, purple, or green) socks that came in Halloween multi-packs as actual Halloween socks. (They are in general rotation, so I consider those one every day socks.)

So far, I've worn one pair. (For those who need to know, I wore the white ones with the black cats in the bottom row of the second photo.) The knee socks are a particular challenge as I need the rest of my ensemble to show them off sufficiently. And if anyone is curious, I am open for new donations.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Random statistics for 2010

And posted on January 1, 2011, no less:)

And for continuity's sake, I decided to copy the basic format, if not the exact same content, as the 2008 report. I apparently felt no need to do this last year.

Books read: 92 (sad)

Letterboxes found: 201 (quite the opposite of sad)

Summits of Stone Mountain: Many

Slip and falls coming off the summit of Stone Mountain: 1

Late night, fully clothed, not especially legal swims at Stone Mountain Park: 0 (Ok, I admit I'm only leaving this one in because it's funny to think back to 2008.)

National Parks visited: 4 (Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia (2 districts), Shenandoah (again, 2 districts))

National Battlefields visited: 2 (Antietam and Kennesaw Mountain)

National Historical Sites visited: 1 (Portage Railroad)

National Forests visited: 1 (also Sequoia. I think we actually went through another near Yosemite, but I don't recall seeing any big signs.)

National Scenic Trails visited: 1 (Appalachian)

National Monuments seen from a distance but not really visited: 1 (Fort Pulaski)

Times lost in forests of giant trees: 2 (Ok, perhaps not totally lost, but definitely not really sure about where we actually were other than "still inside the park, we think.")

Giant Sequoias seen: Let's just say a whole bunch of 'em.

Pairs of sunglasses lost: 0

Total miles biked: 1595.55

Miles biked outside: 1446.4

Miles biked inside on very boring trainer while watching mindless television or reading: 149.15

Best biking month: September with 278.4 miles (all outside)

Pairs of fancy socks purchased: Many, once again. There was supposed to be another blog post about this shortly after Halloween, and it could still occur. I did take the pictures.

New Halloween decorations purchased: Quite a few. It's best if I don't count these things.

Number of kittens adopted: 0 (But there were temptations)

Promotions: 1

Postcrossing cards received: 50

And once again I have reached the point where I'm just going to start making up really weird stuff. (And yes, some of you are thinking, "You mean some of this other stuff wasn't weird?") For now, we're off to start a new year!