Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why I love Georgia, part 5

Subtitled: Your educational system at work

So, I'm sitting at a traffic light two days ago and happen to glance over at the used car dealership on my right. (It's a LONG light, I have to find something to do.) Most of the cars sitting there have the usual model year and price written on the windshield. But sitting right in the middle of the row, facing the main street, is a minivan with something a little different. On its window, and this is as exact replica--at least as far as blogger will allow me, it says "7 pasanier." Now, if you closed one eye, squinted the other, and tilted your head at a 34 degree angle, you could barely make out where someone had tried to write the letter "g" over the "i." But it still came off looking like and "i." I've looked it up, and it does not appear to be the word "passenger" in any currently spoken language. Apparently the ability to spell fairly easy words is not a requirement to work at a used car lot (or in many other professions, from what I've seen). Yes, this is just one sign of how great a Georgia education is.


Missy said...

Aahhh, miss that state! Never fear, Kentucky is not far behind. At my last job we had 3 company cars, all Ford Focuses of different colors. Our admin asst labeled the key chain by color and one day I noticed that one label read "Gary". I thought "how cute, she named the car, but I wonder which one it is?" Then I noticed that on the sign-out sheet she also wrote "Gary". Apparently she thought it was how you spell the color GRAY. Maybe it sounds like that in her head?

Vikki said...

ROFLMAO I love it. I see stupid stuff like that all of the time!