Friday, January 2, 2009

Random Statistics for 2008

For anyone who felt they needed this information, here are some random statistics from my life for last year. Please keep in mind that some of them do have small margins of error.

Books read: 143

Letterboxes found: 70

Summits of Stone Mountain: @6

Late night, fully clothed, not especially legal swims at Stone Mountain Park: 1

Late night, marathon hikes: 1

National Parks visited: 6 (OK, technically 5, but 2 separate districts in one of them)

National Monuments visited: 2

National Forests visited: 1

Insane, pointless, annoying fishing trips from Hades: 1

Sharks touched: 2

Sharks seen: more than 2

Weeks of vacation: 5+ (a number that is sadly going to go WAY down very soon)

Pairs of sunglasses lost: 0

Total miles biked: 1589.09 (compared to 1516.98 in 207)

Miles biked outside: 1013.68 (compared to 1105.88 in 2007)

Miles biked inside on very boring trainer while watching mindless television or reading: 575.41 (compared to 411.10 in 2007)

These bike statistics are actually very surprising to me as I thought this year was going to be a down year due to some medical can't-do-much-of-anything or pick-anything-up time. However, I still managed to come out slightly ahead, but not on the outside miles which are the ones that really count. But hey, the grand total is better!

Cross Stitch projects finished: 5

Other projects finished: Um, think I'll have to go with 0 here. Oh, wait, I did sew a couple things and do some crochet. Let's say 4ish, heavy on the ish.

(I'm really stretching to come up with things at this point)

Pairs of fancy socks purchased: I just don't keep track of this, but there were many:)

Stitches: I'm guessing it was about 8. They were all sub-cutaneous, so who knows!

Bones broken: 0

New Halloween decorations purchased: 0 (really, none!)

At which point I will stop, because I am really grasping at straws. Just consider this a little picture in the life of Myra:)

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