Friday, January 22, 2010

The Annual Biking Update

And I'm even managing to do it before the first month of the new year is over!

The 2009 biking year started good, then got very strong, then fell off of a cliff. Some time in April or May, I started biking before work several days a week, gradually working up to biking 5-6 days a week. Shortly after that, I broke through the mental block about biking to Stone Mountain Park (pushed by a fellow biker I would often see), so my weekend rides started getting even better.

And then the rains of September came. And then I started climbing Stone Mountain with a friend several times a week. And then I started climbing the mountain on my own a couple more days a week. And biking basically stopped. But even with that, I had a decent year.

Total miles for the year were 1599.94 (and had I been totaling as I went, I would have gotten that last 0.06 miles just to make a nice, even number) with 1212.5 of those being actual road miles and only 387.44 being trainer miles.

This year, I've managed two outside rides so far and have been on the trainer a number of times. I'm trying to do a little better job of balancing the biking and the mountain climbing/hiking. We'll see how it goes!

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simplyred said...

She blogs!!!! Good to see you back. Now can you just do it a little more often, please?!?!?

Hope to see you Sunday.

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